Audio, Lighting & Video Seminars for Amateur Technicians

Resource Stage seminars are an opportunity for the part time technician, teacher or theatre enthusiast who wants to learn more about the technical aspects of shows and events.

We encourage all participants to come with the questions and real life experiences to add to the discussion forum.

Each month we discuss and explore the latest technology and techniques as presented by industry professionals.

Resource Stage Facts:

Who attends Resource Stage?

Since 2004, over 300 people have attended a Resource Stage seminar. These attendees come from schools, churches, theatres and are simply interested individuals looking to expand their knowledge. Everyone is welcome!


Seminars are held in London and Sarnia.


7:00pm - approximately 2 hours long




Resource Stage has no registration requirements. Just show up at the door.

Who is Resource Stage?

Resource Stage is a service of Horizon Solutions and it's suppliers. Resource Stage's primary purpose is to connect you to industry leading technologies and techniques.

For more information on Resource Stage events, please feel free to call us at 1-800-698-8796, or email

August 24th, 2016 @ 9:00am

ETC ION/EOS Console Training - LEVEL 3

Upgrade your console knowledge with ETC

ETC Training Staff


This two day intensive class will cover LEVEL II & III console programming based on the EOS operating system V2.3.

These classes will be taught by ETC Training Staff.

Attendees are recommended to have completed LEVEL I training previously or online at in order to attend LEVEL II.

Attendees may choose to attend LEVEL II, III or both depending on their skill level.

For more information please contact Horizon Solutions at or 519-453-3368.

NOTE: Class sizes are limited - Registration is REQUIRED for this training.

Horizon Solutions Canadian Institute for Theatre Technology